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image heavy, like whoa.

camp pictures, yay!

this is Whitney Hall- or atleast, part of it. apparently, about seven years ago, a guy took a swandive off the roof because college was just too much pressure. stories like that make me want to get a job at McDonalds and work there forever.

Whitney Hall

yay for adrian looking like a Sears model!

Catalogue Model material, yes?

this is O'mally, the funniest kid alive.

hi, my name is O'mally, and i'm going to make you laugh until you cry.

Sio, our very own scottish beauty.

yay for cool hats.

vince and kelsey - so many ethos couples, so little time.

can you feel the love?

ari, jon, and ken.

no, it isn't possible for ken to make a normal face.

this one's for you, nathan.

oh, the steamy nights...

jeff, the 12 year old guitar prodigy.

awww, its one of the hanson brothers...

adrian and ariana- have i ever mentioned that my boyfriend is really tall?

6'4'' of pure cuteness.

nathan and meghan, rock on.

yay for alternate sources of transportation!

he's a goofball, and i adore him.


zach smith, ethos music camp director, and sprinkler athlete extraordinaire .

just get the phone implanted in your head, okay?

nathan, christina, and ben. christina has the unique talent of turning into satan after putting on her pajamas.

ben's 'intellectual' look.

jarod, the (super cool) kid i am adopting as my younger brother.

fuzzy wuzzy was a bear...

pierre, after the accident.

don't you like my style?

adrian, sio, and ken. oh the joyous friendly interraction.

yay for... friends.

sanni and zippy, good times with Bargain Music.


dave elkie, the man who saved the music.

i <3 jazz

yeah sio, you totally picked a winner.

smile nice, children.

jennah, sio, and sandra- this is chick rock'n roll!


bella, ari, sio, and sandra.... aka, ari and his women.


ari, lee, jimmy, and christian. weee fun.

toss him!

two weeks with this kid just wasn't enough...

blue eyes

so, that's ethos in pictures. tomorrow, i'll discuss it in words... and possibly more pictures. ciao fer now.
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